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World's Longest And Highest Glass Bridge CLOSES After Only Two Weeks

Uh oh.

The world's longest and highest glass bridge, located in Hunan, China, just closed its doors to the public last Friday because they were overwhelmed by the amount of visitors. You guys, it's only been two weeks. What happened?!

Officials are quick to note that it isn't because the glass bridge is unsafe—of course not—it's just that the bridge needs to undergo "an internal system upgrade." WHATEVER THAT MEANS. As if their official statement wasn't evasive enough, they also failed to provide a date for when the bridge will reopen. 

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But wait, there's more. Since their announcement, tourists have been very vocal about their frustrations over the glass bridge's abrupt closing. One social media user said, "I'm on the train right now. I can't change my travel plans or get a refund. You have made the world lose hope. I see you are the world's number one cheat." 

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Still, officials insist that there's "no problem" and that they're just looking to improve the system. If you say so, China. 

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