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Here Are Tips For When You Travel Solo

Keep safe on your travels and get the most fun out of your trip!

There is nothing more liberating than to travel alone. Exploring cities and traveling the globe are some of the best experiences you can have in your lifetime. Here are basic tips for traveling alone to make sure you get the best out of your trip, whether you're planning a sojourn locally or abroad.

1. Give someone your itinerary. 
This is especially important if you are traveling somewhere far. Because you’ll be alone on your trip, it would help if people back home have a rough idea of where you’ll be every day. A detailed itinerary with space to diverge from your plans is the best option as it allows you to still be able to explore while giving your loved ones a virtual map of your whereabouts in case of emergencies.

2. Ready your self-defense tools.
Essentials include a whistle (the higher-pitched the better), pepper spray, and a Taser. All are portable and easy to carry. Make sure that you can effortlessly grab them from your pocket or bag. 

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3. Don’t keep your money and important documents in one place.
Leaving your money in a single place can be detrimental if you’re traveling since you won’t have any backups. Try to separate them into at least three spots so that if you fall victim to pickpocketing or someone steals from your hotel room, you’ll have some cash left. Also take pictures of all your documents and have them ready to download on sites like DropBox or Google Drive. Send a copy to your email as well so that you’ll have something to use in case of emergencies.

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