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These Photos Show A Rare View Of The Himalayas Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Sadly, it's likely this will be the last time this generation will see it.

The Himalayan Mountain Range is one of the world's longest mountain ranges, famous for having the world's tallest mountain peaks, including Mt. Everest.

Over the weekend, the world was treated to an exceedingly rare sight: the Himalayan mountaintops in very clear view.

Photographers in India rushed to their rooftops to capture the impossible moment, which was caused by the lack of air pollution, thanks to a 21-day lockdown in the country.

Residents from Indian cities as far away as Punjab saw a bright white expanse over the horizon, realizing it was the snow-capped tops of the Himalayas. That is like seeing the mountains of Benguet from Manila, more than 230 kilometers away.

According to a report by The Tribune India, "The lockdown has dramatically improved the air quality in the city. We can see that restricted traffic, as well as restricted activity in the industries emitting pollutants into the air, can work wonders for the environment. Normally, the movement of traffic, dust levels and the generation of industrial emissions are so high that it takes a toll on the air quality. Amidst the COVID lockdown, this has been made possible providing a much-needed break for the environment. The lessons we can take away from this is that if industrial and traffic activity is regulated—the environment begins to breathe."

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Check out the following photos taken by various people from India.

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