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Flying To Cebu Soon? Here Are 11 Gorgeous Places You Can Stay At

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Before Manila marked its place in history, Spanish colonizers set up shop in Cebu to stake their claim on the archipelago. In doing so, Cebu became a thriving hub for trade and commerce, but most importantly, heritage and history. Cebu only comes second to Manila’s size but is considered to be one of the most popular places to visit in the Philippines for a much needed break, cultural immersion, or even some out-of-town shopping. 

Southern hospitality isn’t just exclusive to the US—Visayas hospitality can rival in comparison, and that’s exactly what you can expect from these finest yet budget-friendliest places found in and nearby Cebu City.

  1. Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel

    Rates start at P6,300+ per night
    Weekend trips are a hot commodity at Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel and for good reason. As the longest standing resort in Mactan Island, the resort embodies a vacation home away from home. Accent furniture and carved woodwork in the rooms and public areas make the space feel lived-in and cozy, as if you were staying at your cool tita’s beach house. Its signature spot is perhaps The Boardwalk, which stretches over the water and is laid out with handwoven lounge beds ideal for sunset-watching or a romantic dinner.

  2. The Henry Hotel

    Rates start at P4,000+ per night
    For a stay like no other in Cebu, The Henry Hotel easily sits at the top of the list. The eclectic style of the hotel can be observed even before entering with the pops of colored “paint” dripping from the top of the otherwise dark gray facade—and the vibe doesn’t stop there. Each room has a unique combination of pop art, murals, and stunning fixtures, which could be the reason why you’ll want to keep coming back to this hotel on your future Cebu visits.

  3. St. Mark Hotel

    Rates start at P2,000+ per night
    If you’re looking to avoid hostels and guesthouses in exchange for a more comfortable stay in Cebu, especially during the Sinulog festival (!!!), check out St. Mark Hotel, which is conveniently located just off General Maxilom Avenue, aka where the main festivities of Sinulog takes place. The boutique hotel offers 61 spacious rooms, an all-day restaurant, and complimentary WiFi across all seven floors.

  4. Quest Hotel and Conference Center

    Rates start at P3,000+ per night
    As a premium budget hotel in Cebu City, it’s no wonder how Quest Hotel is a popular accommodation for every kind of traveler. Situated right across Ayala Mall Cebu, the hotel also offers 429 rooms, a fully equipped gym, swimming pool, business center, and spacious function rooms for any event you might want to host in Cebu. For a break from the Manila norm, find your little corner at Quest Hotel at a different city with a similar bustling scene.

  5. Maayo Hotel

    Rates start at P3,250+ per night
    Located in Mandaue City, about 15 minutes from Cebu City, Maayo Hotel soars high above buildings along UN Avenue. With a name that translates to “good” in Cebuano, Maayo prides itself on offering wellness and well-being right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of urban life. The hotel is home to three restaurants, a jogging trail, yoga space, and there’s an infinity pool on the roof deck, which is a popular IG spot that’s perfect at anytime of the day but even more so during sunset. 

  6. Cebu Grand Hotel

    Rates start at P2,530+ per night
    With over 20 years of Cebuano hospitality under its belt, Cebu Grand Hotel is where you want to play it safe but without scrimping on convenience of location or quality service. Its 100-room occupancy is a rare find at a busy metropolis, but it’s an ideal city accommodation if you’re not interested in bumping into hundreds of people going in and out of the hotel on a daily basis. 

  7. The Happy Beach

    Rates start at P5,999+ per night
    Mactan Island is mostly known for its beach resorts and (really) quick getaways from city life. Just over a half hour trip from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport is an unmistakably pink spot you might find to be your happy place. The Happy Beach can either make you feel like a kid again or Asia’s Next Top Model, or both—and there’s no in-between. They offer day passes for access to their fun Floating Island and Unicorn Island, but if you feel like one day isn’t enough, you can book one of its equally fun rooms at The Happy Beach Hotel.

  8. Bayfront Hotel

    Rates start at P2,400+ per night
    Although only considered to be a three-star hotel, Bayfront is a strong, budget-friendly competitor of more popular commercial hotel chains as it offers five-star-quality service and amenities. Situated right in the heart of the business district, and with business parks, malls, and historic landmarks within walking distance, the fully equipped hotel is the ideal base camp if you’re a city girl at heart.

  9. Bluewater Maribago

    Rates start at P5,100+ per night
    A 40-minute drive from Cebu City will take you to a beachfront resort that spans approximately seven hectares in Lapu-Lapu City. Bluewater Maribago is an escape to the calm, a safe haven from the city noise, and where you can recharge with the sight of white sand and pristine blue waters and the sound of the gentle breeze and lapping of the waves to melt all your stress and worries away.

  10. Montebello Villa Hotel

    Rates start at P2,999+ per night
    There’s an Old World charm about Montebello Villa Hotel, and that’s what makes it a romantic setting when you and your S.O. need a weekend vacay. It’s considered to be the only garden hotel within the city center, and there’s four hectares-worth of reasons why it’ll be worth your stay. Don’t be thrown off by Montebello’s low-rise facade—it’s part of its character, making you feel like you’re stepping back in time and walking into a heritage country club, just in time for your siesta.

  11. Castle Peak Hotel

    Rates start at P1,988+ per night
    Do yourself a favor and treat yourself like the queen you are. Castle Peak Hotel’s suite goes for P3,988 per night and has sweeping views of the Cebu metropolis you can take in while lazing away on a bed that’s fit for a ~kween~. You can find Castle Peak at a relatively quieter area of the city where you can relax in peace, although evenings aren’t all that hard to plan with a widespread list of nocturnal hotspots, in case your inner queen decides to let her crown down.

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