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10 Hotels In Tagaytay For Your Next Weekend Getaway

For anyone who needs more than a day trip to Tagaytay!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/moongardentagaytay, (RIGHT) Instagram/escalatagaytay

If you’re in need of a few days off from Metro Manila but don’t want to drive out too far, then the simple solution is to head on down to Tagaytay. Most people just drop by for a daytrip to grab some bulalo or have coffee with a viewbut consider staying awhile longer and soak in the scenery. You’ll have more time to relax because you’ll spend less time in transit.

Tagaytay has always been a popular tourist destination, its where even your parents with their barkadas used to escape to in their college days. It’s even better that so many new establishments have popped up in recent years, giving new visitors plenty of things to do during their stay in this quaint but bustling city. Here’s a few places to choose from for that picturesque weekend you’ve been dreaming about.

  1. T House Tagaytay

    Rates start at P4,850+ per night
    This boutique bed and breakfast is one of the quainter and more intimate options for a few nights in the second summer capital of the Philippines. The T in T House stands for tranquility, which is likely what’s instore for you once you check-in. The hotel boasts a saltwater pool, a spa, toiletries from Ilog Maria, and they give you “goodnight tea and cookies”adorable! Bonus: T House Tagaytay is a pet-friendly hotel.

  2. Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay

    Rates start at P4,500+ per night
    There’s lots to do at Hotel Kimberly alone. Its bright and beautiful interiors draw you in first; then you get to the activitieswhich are apparently, quite a few! At the hotel, you can pick your own herbs and vegetables; Hotel Kimberly boasts being able to use produce grown by them. You can also take home your very own herbs, should you wish to buy some before heading home. The hotel also has a little farm where you can get acquainted with a few animals during your stay.

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  3. Containers by Eco Hotel

    Rates start at P3,437+ per night
    Eco Hotel has two ventures in Tagaytayone of which is Containers. The hotel advocates sustainable living without compromising style and function; it is outfitted with solar panels, energy-saving lights. On top of that, they try to upcycle materials as much as possiblegenerating as little waste as they can. Plus, the place is pet friendly!

  4. Escala Tagaytay

    Rates start at P5,300+ per night
    Escala Tagaytay is a premium option for your stay at Tagaytay. A common destination for wedding photos, the view from Escala is unmatchedespecially coupled with its beautiful interiors. You can’t go wrong with splurging on a night or two at this hotel. You either get a view of the infinity pool overlooking Tagaytay or taal lake itselfit’s a win either way!

  5. Moon Garden

    Rates start at P3,000+ per night
    Need to recharge by getting in-touch with nature? Book a stay at Moon Garden. Its not your typical hotel experience, but it has all the sights and sounds that makeup a good weekend getaway. Moon Garden’s breakfast, which can be setup in their floating cabana or their sunken cabana, also comes highly recommended.

  6. Taal Vista Hotel

    Rates start at P5,193+ per night
    Taal Vista Hotel is a Tagaytay mainstay. Its rich history is tied to as far as back when Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon had first thought to develop Tagaytay as a tourist destination. Now established, and after its renovation finished in 2004, Taal Vista Hotel has rightfully earned its place as one of the best places to stay in Tagaytay, known for a great view, great service, and a heritage deeply entrenched in what makes Tagaytay what it is today.

  7. Kasa Luntian

    Rates start at P3,354+ per night
    Kasa Luntian isn’t strictly a hotel, but a serviced residence. You can book for a quick weekend stay with friends and family. Each room is decorated to make you feel at home. They offer weekend and weekday deals with breakfast, so look out for those!

  8. Sonya’s Garden

    Rates start at P6,000+ per night
    When you think Tagaytay, this place is one of the first few that people have in mind. Known for its sprawling garden, the views just within the compound itself are breathtaking. Sonya’s Garden boasts an intimate bed and breakfast experience too. It’s a little on the pricey side because of its renown but waking up to a delicious meal and its serene backdrop make it well worth the money spent.

  9. Hotel Monticello

    Rates start at P3,500+ per night
    A no-frills accommodation option, Hotel Monticello boasts well-lit and spacious rooms with a contemporary design. If you’re looking to stay close to the city center and most of Tagaytay’s attractions, then this is the place for you. Monticello is close to places like Sky Ranch and is an 18-minute drive from the picnic grove.

  10. Nurture Wellness Village

    Rates start at P6,200+ per night
    Another premium offer in Tagaytay is Nurture Wellness Village. The starting rate is good for two people and includes breakfast. This is an ideal choice for big groups (you can glamp here!), but if you’re looking to splurge on a relaxing weekend getaway, then this is definitely the choice for you. Nurture Wellness Village is the pinnacle of self-care; they prize natural healing therapies and are known to have maximized the spa experience. You can’t go wrong with choosing to pamper yourself here!