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Important Apps You Need To Download For Your Next Trip

Super handy!


If you've ever dreamed of having Cher Horowitz's classic closet-in-a-computer in Clueless, this app will do your packing tons of good. Take a photo of every top, bottom, accessory, or shoe you're thinking of bringing, and combine them in a number of ways for the best-packed suitcase, ever. You can also use the calendar to keep track of everything you've worn, when you've worn it, so outfit repeating is eliminated!

Why we love it: Closet is awesome for tough season trips that require a ton of layering.

XE Currency

Unless you've got insane math skills, converting one currency to the next can cause huge headaches—whether or not you've got a calculator. This app converts prices for you across a number of currencies, so you find out right away whether that night market haggler equals highway robbery.

Why we love it: Not all moneychangers are created equal. This is a handy tool to help you scour for the best deals.

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Waze (or any other Navigation App)

This GPS, which helps you get the best route through Metro Manila traffic, is also useful abroad—especially when you're embarking on a road trip with your family in uncharted waters. Subway apps are popular too—if you’re going on foot and on your own, having the New York Subway app, for example, will keep you from getting lost in the trenches.

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Why we love it: It's so much cooler to pull out your phone and look like you’re texting. Pulling out an inconveniently large map and looking like a lost tourist is not the best look.

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