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So This Is Why Influencers Don't Show Their Faces In Some Travel Photos

It kind of makes sense if you think about it.
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While travel influencers' feeds are packed full of wanderlust, gorgeous locations, and delicious food, there's often another common theme. No, not lots of likes (though that too), but photos which actually show the back of the blogger's head, instead of their face.

You can probably already picture the photo now. An influencer sitting in front of a ledge, overlooking a stunning view, with their back turned towards the camera. Or maybe they're on top of a mountain or in front of a big pile of food. But it's not their excited faces you can see, it's their scalp. See Exhibit A:

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How did posing with your back to the camera become so popular and is there a reason why travel bloggers do it so regularly? Nicola Easterby, of @polkadotpassport, explains. "There are two main reason I take a lot of photos from behind," she tells Cosmopolitan UK. "The first is to draw the focus to the place the photograph is being taken rather than just to myself.

"And the second is so that my audience can more easily imagine themselves in the photo."

It makes sensemany users follow travel bloggers to get holiday inspiration and an insight into the gorgeous locations that they want to add to their bucket list.

Eileen Cotter Wright, of @crookedflight, says something similar.

"My shots with me in them perform far better than just landscape shots on Instagram, but I still do not want to be the focus if I can avoid it," she commented. "Traveling is not about me, but the beauty and excitement of the new destination I can share with others. I love connecting with people on Instagram, but hope to push beyond chatting what I'm wearing or how I look, and keep the conversation on how wonderful the destination is around me."

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Jess of @TheTravelProject believes influencers deciding to hide their faces in photos might come down to the ongoing pressure to always look perfect on the app. "There are, of course, a variety of reasons influencers often hide their faces in posts," she tells Cosmopolitan UK.

"However, I think the main reason is due to people being self-conscious. People feel a lot of pressure to look perfect on social media (which is pretty impossible when you've been trekking in 30 degree heat for three hours!) and criticism can feel more personal if people attack the way you look, for example."

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So now you know.


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