12 Picture-Perfect Places In The Philippines

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PHOTO: Instagram/revieanneserrano

With more than 7,000 islands in our country, there's really no need to look too far for stunning views and Instagram-worthy spots. And any traveler worth her salt knows that there's so much more to the Philippines than just Boracay or Palawan (although, let's be real, we're obsessed with those places, too! LOL). 

1. Loboc Man-Made Forest, Bohol

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2. Masjid Dimaukom, Maguindanao

3. La Casas Filipinas De Acuzar, Bataan 

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4. Camp Netanya, Batangas

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5. Vitalis Villas, Ilocos Sur

6. Sirao Flower Farm, Cebu

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7. Cintai Corito's Garden, Batangas

8. Simala Church, Cebu

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9. The Ruins, Negros Occidental

10. Mandongan Dam, Ilocos Norte

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11. Enchanted River, Surigao del Sur

12. Kawa Hot Bath, Antique

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