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12 Of Laureen Uy's Most Breathtaking Travel Photos

Hey Laureen, switch lives with me?
PHOTO: Instagram/laureenmuy

If we can’t be flying around the world, the next best thing is traveling vicariously through someone else, which is why we can’t stop perusing Laureen Uy’s Instagram. That’s right, home décor isn’t the only thing she excels in. Girl’s about to be your new #travelgoals!

1. Osaka, Japan

2. Vienna, Austria

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3. Athens, Greece

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4. British Columbia, Canada

5. Positano, Italy

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6. Versailles, France

7. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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8. Hong Kong

9. Bohol, Philippines

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10. Bangkok, Thailand

11. Tel Aviv, Israel

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12. Singapore

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