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5 Travelers You Should Follow on Instagram

Time to pack those bags and explore!

Is traveling number one on your bucket list this year? Follow these Instagram accounts to get some inspiration!

1. @muradosmann
Photographer Murad Osmann travels around the world with his girlfriend, who leads the way for him in almost every photo. The photo project is called "Follow Me To."

2. @karynkelly
A self-proclaimed iPhoneographer, Karyn Kelly captures simple everyday moments and turns them into art.

3. @sert_mehmet
After browsing through Sert Mehmet’s photos, you’ll want to pack a bag and travel, stat! From gorgeous landscapes to breathtaking scenery, his photos are every traveler's dream come true.

4. @twheat
We wouldn’t mind getting lost for hours if we were in his shoes.

5. @carlosceldran
Rediscover the beauty of the Philippines with historian Carlos Celdran.

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