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7 Things To Remember Before Visiting The 'Van Gogh Alive' Exhibit

Don't forget your basic museum etiquette.

Van Gogh Alive is slated to open on October 26 at One Bonifacio High Street. While there are no set rules to dictate how one can appreciate the exhibit, it's still important to keep basic museum etiquette in mind. To ensure that you and everyone else can enjoy this multisensory experience of a lifetime, read up below on what you should and shouldn't do before and during your visit.

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  1. Be punctual.

    As stated on Van Gogh Alive's official website, your tickets will not be valid for any other date or time. Hence, make sure you've got the right schedule and arrive promptly on your viewing day at least 15 minutes before your time slot.

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  2. Do your research.

    Familiarize yourself with Van Gogh and his paintings beforehand to help enrich your experience. No matter how little you know, there's no replacing the riveting feeling of recognizing an artwork as it's projected all around you while you're being fed with a treasure trove of new information.

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  3. Keep silent.

    Much like any other museum or gallery, silence is of the essence. Learn to appreciate the artwork with your eyes. But if you really need to talk to someone, keep your voice low as much as possible to avoid distracting or disrupting the experience of other guests. 

  4. Put your phones away.

    Speaking of distractions, avoid taking a phone call while inside. Subsequently, as a general rule, if you're not taking photos or videos, it's best to keep your phone away or to leave it on silent mode. 

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  5. Don't use flash photography.

    When you're taking photos, keep in mind that flash isn't allowed. Yes, the artworks will mostly be presented in a digital medium but random bursts of light coming from multiple people trying to take pictures can be especially off-putting in a dim room.

  6. Hold off on Instagram.

    There's nothing wrong with snapping a pic or two for posterity as long as you don't waste your precious minutes trying to post them on Instagram right after. It pays to be in the moment, instead of spending your hour and a half watching and reviewing the artworks through a measly phone screen. That IG post or story can definitely wait until you've fully immersed yourself.

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  7. Don't bring a selfie stick.

    Using selfie sticks means blocking someone's view, one way or another. Not to mention, you'll be taking up more space than necessary. No matter how tempted you are, leave that needless long contraption at home.

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