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This *New* Service In Korea Lets You Tour Around With A Cute Oppa

PHOTO: Oh My Oppa

If you've ever imagined walking around Korea with Gong Yoo, Lee Jong Suk, or Song Joong Ki...keep dreaming. But the next best thing is this new travel service called "Oh My Oppa." 

The Internet started buzzing about Oh My Oppa a few months ago after they finished their trial run. The good news is that they've officially made their tours available again! Starting April 1, 2018, you can book a tour with a super cute oppa the next time you visit Korea. 

We briefly spoke to Jungmoon Huh, the general manager of Oh My Oppa.

What's the story behind Oh My Oppa?

J: Oh My Oppa is a tour service between an oppa and foreign travelers. Myeongdong and Dongdaemoon are popular because it's where travelers shop the most, but we wanted to let visitors know that Korea is also known its rich culture. The oppas will take you where most millennial Koreans have dates and hang out, but also hidden spots most people don't know about. 

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What were the initial reactions or reviews when you launched your pilot service?

We launched a Facebook ad for this pilot program and received around 5,000 likes. It was explosive.

What are the general rules?

Each tour lasts around four hours (max), and each group can have one to three guests only. 

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How are the oppas selected?

Most of the oppas from our trial period were staff members' friends. Some of them majored in acting in college. We have oppas who are like K-Pop idols, oppas who are general entertainers, and oppas who are experts. For example, we have an oppa who knows a lot about architecture; he'll be able to tell customers about the palaces and modern structures around Korea.

Each oppa also needs to know how to speak languages apart from Korean. On top of that, we ask them to submit their social media activities, portfolios, or guide license.

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I noticed that each oppa has his own schedule and is assigned to a specific activity. Apart from the costs stated, are there other fees for this service?

There are no hidden fees for the tours. However, we have a lot of optional tour courses per oppa, but it's up to the guest if he or she wants to take them.

Right now, there are seven available oppas, each with his unique tour activity. For more information, visit Oh My Oppa's website or Facebook page

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