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Salon Review: Go On A Vacation In The City At This "Seaside" Nail Spa

Kick back, relax, and feel like you're listening to the surf by the sea as you allow your hands and feet to be pampered at this nail spa.

Are you exhausted? If the daily grind is starting to get you down, give yourself a break.

You might not have enough time (or a big enough budget) for an out-of-town trip right now, but here's the next best thing you can do: lay back, clear your head, feel like you're at the beach, and get gorgeous, perfectly manicured tips and toes, right in the middle of the city.

Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa is the closest you'll get to a beach trip outside of hitting the swimming pool. With its light interiors, warm lighting, and cool blue tones, you'll feel just as relaxed as you would on a deck chair by the shore.

Home Away From Home, Beach Away From Beach

You always feel lighter the farther away you get from the city (and from your miscellaneous responsibilities). It's like a weight is lifted from your shoulders. You might not be on the highway to your favorite driving distance vacation spot, but when you walk through Nailaholics' doors, you also get that light feeling.

All of their branches are decorated in a similar manner: wooden flooring, blue paint on some of the walls (with white wooden "window" details that have mirrors instead of clear glass), white furnishings, and big prints of gorgeous seaside vistas wallpapering parts of the salon. With warm lighting thrown in, you get an instant beach feel that helps you relax and unwind, and the soft music they play lulls you into a sense of calm.

Nailaholics is homey and comfortable; all the salon chairs are cushy couches covered in soft throw pillows for you to sink into. It's so relaxing, you might catch yourself dozing off!

Beauty By The Beach

True to its name, Nailaholics is for all the nailaholics out there who absolutely love to pamper their hands and feet. Even their services stick to their seaside theme, because they all have beach-related names. Their pedicure is the Palm Beach Pedicure (P220), the counterpart of the Serene Island Manicure (P180). After giving you a warm soak and a massage, they make sure your polish has no bubbles when it dries, so you can be proud of your perfect nails. And they last long on your nails, too, even after you put them through rigorous typing, among other things. If you want to go French, get the Sea Crest French Manicure for P250.

Treat your feet to some much needed loving with the Water Drift Spa Pedicure (P420), and you can opt to get the Natures Haven Spa Manicure (P300), too.

If you want to make your hands and feet feel extra soft and touchable, try the Atlantic Sea Moist Paraffin Manicure and Pedicure (P650 and P720 respectively). They'll dip your hands and feet—you can opt to go up to your elbows and knees—in hot paraffin wax, wrap it up in plastic and then a towel, and let your hands absorb the oils and moisture, while the warmth soothes your muscles. (Don't get this treatment if you're super sensitive to heat, though, but if it's something you enjoy, then you'll love this treatment!) If you want just the paraffin treatment without the mani-pedi, get their Deep Sea Moist Paraffin Spa Treatment for the hands and feet for P370.

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If you want extra nourishment from the sea, try their Sea Surf Manicure, Pedicure, and Foot Spa With Algae Wrap (P700). They soak your feet and then give you a scrub with sea salt and virgin coconut oil, and then give your legs a whitening, moisturizing algae wrap. Your legs will feel super smooth and look lighter right after. It's perfect when you have a big date where you intend to wear a no-fail short dress that will show off your gorgeous gams.

Their Cloud 9 Manicure, Pedicure, and Foot Spa With Seaweed Wrap (P750) is also a great option, because the seaweed wrap has moisturizing and firming properties. After treating you to the whole soak and scrub routine, they will apply the seaweed treatment on your shins. After they take out the treatment, you are treated to a heavenly foot massage, right before they do your pedicure. The treatment package leaves your hands and feet pretty and soft, and your legs somewhat tighter (try to get the wrap more often to achieve the desired firming effect).

What You'll Love

Nailaholics' interior design is totally relaxing, but it's not girly so your guy won't feel awkward if you take him with you. Even better, there are a few double couches here and there in the Nailaholics salons, so you can share a love seat. Get him to try a foot scrub! You might get him hooked.

The nail technicians are very attentive and they even ask you to check the shape of your nails before they start polishing to make sure it's to your liking. They re-do your polish if they spot any bubbles forming, which is a great plus.

Nailaholics has a wide selection of available colors, and for an extra P40, you can opt to use imported polish, like Orly.

Some branches, like the SM Megamall branch, have available WiFi, so just ask the receptionist for the password and you're good to go!

Speaking of branches, Nailaholics has over a dozen branches all over Luzon--not just concentrated in the Metro Manila hotspots--and they're opening even more branches, so you'll be sure to find one near you.

Take a break and check out Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa on the 5th floor of SM Megamall B, or in SM Mall of Asia. They also have branches in SM Bacoor, SM Sta. Rosa, SM Muntinlupa, SM Sucat, SM Las Pinas, SM Tarlac, Robinsons Metro East, the Eastwood Excelsior, Cash & Carry Makati, and Marquee Mall in Angeles, Pampanga. They'll be opening branches in SM San Pablo, SM Calamba, SM Pampanga, SM Clark, SM Taytay, and Robinsons Galleria, too.

Click through to the Gallery below to check out some pics of the Megamall and MOA branches. Continue on to the next page to see their service menu.

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  • Serene Island Manicure, P180
  • Sea Crest French Manicure, P250
  • Natures Haven Spa Manicure, P300
  • Atlantic Sea Moist Paraffin Manicure, P650
  • Sea Splash Manicure Polish Change, P100


  • Marine Arty-Fishal Nails, P680
  • Sea Dust Arty-Fishal Nails, P1,200


  • Ocean Splash Nail Art Painting, P200
  • Nature's Glam Nail Embellishments, P50


  • Palm Beach Pedicure, P220
  • Water Drifter Spa Pedicure, P420
  • Atlantic Sea Moist Paraffin Pedicure, P720
  • Sea Splash Pedicure Polish Change, P100


  • Sea Surf Manicure, Pedicure, Foot Spa with Algae Wrap, P700
  • Cloud 9 Manicure, Pedicure, Foot Spa with Seaweed Wrap, P750


  • Dee Sea Moist Paraffin Spa Treatment for the Hands or Feet, P370


  • Eyelash Perm, P300
  • Eyelash Extension, P1,500


  • Eyebrows, P180
  • Upper Lip, P180
  • Full Face, P430
  • Half Legs, P400


  • Juvenile Coral Foot Spa, P300
  • Marine Algae Whitening Foot Spa, P450
  • Underwater Seaweed Firming Foot Spa, P500
  • Pueblo Bonito Calming Foot Therapy (30 mins.), P300
  • Huntington Beach Therapeutic Foot Reflexology (45 mins.), P350
  • Pebble Beach Stress Reliever Back Massage (30 mins.), P300
  • Long Beach Full Body Massage (1 hour), P600
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  • Eyebrow, P230
  • Underarm, P350
  • Brazilian, P1,200
  • French, P800
  • Upper Lip or Chin, P230
  • Face, P450
  • Full Arms, P500
  • Half Arms, P320
  • Full Legs, P700
  • Half Legs, P500
  • Stomach, Back, or Chest, P450