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Stages of Summer Vacations, By Age

Oh, those summer nights!

AGE 13

Yay, I'm going to Enchanted Kingdom with the girls! With just ONE chaperone! I feel SO grown-up.

AGES 14 - 16

My classmate's friend's brother is throwing a house party while his parents are abroad! I CANNOT WAIT to hang out with the cool kids. Good thing my folks believe I'm having an all-girl slumber party!

AGES 17 – 20

Ahhh—a barkada beach trip is EXACTLY what I need after those final exams from hell. #LaBoracay, here I come!

AGE 21

Boracay? So over it. Music festivals? NOW we're talking.

AGE 22-24

FINALLY—I'm actually earning enough to fund my own trips! "Travel promos" has never been so Google-able. Google, you know I love you. 

AGE 25

What will I do with my life?! I really need to find myself and go on a solo trip. Backpacking sounds just about right. 

AGE 26 – 28

Pachyderm pampering in Phuket? WHY NOT? The weirder, the better. #BucketList

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AGE 29 – 30

I'm so STRESSED about DE-stressing! Ugh, I need to file my leave like a year in advance, turn over my work shit, and pray to God that my Blackberry doesn't make a sound while I'm on vacation.

Can I just lose my Blackberry right now? Promise, I'll make it look like an accident. 

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