Summer Getaway In Cebu

Experience true island culture this summer in gorgeous Cebu.
Have you always been just a typical tourist? Why don't you try being a traveler this time? The true traveler doesn't just visit a place, look at the popular sights, and then go home with a stack of pretty tourist photos. A traveler gets to the heart of a place and experiences its spirit, culture, and uniqueness.

If you've always been a typical tourist and want a deeper experience for your next trip without missing out on the things you love most (like beaches, beaches, and more beaches), book a trip to Cebu's Bantayan Island.

Bantayan Island is certainly not as popular as some of the Philippines' better-known island getaways, but it is just as beautiful, with white sand and crystal clear blue water. If you're looking for a serene, quiet spot to visit, this intimate isle is a great choice. The atmosphere is laidback and relaxed, the activity is slow, and it's the perfect place for your much-needed rejuvenation.

The resorts are small, quaint, privately owned, and incorporated into the local life of the island, so if you need a break from tanning or swimming, mingle with the locals and get to know the island's culture. Buy the freshest catch of the day from the fishermen in the area, or explore with your special someone and make an adventure of it.

Cebu is rich with marine life, so you can go snorkeling, or charter a small boat to take you to all the nearby islands.

The Cosmo team went to the truly lovely St. Bernard Beach Resort on Alice Beach, Bantayan Island. Pick up a copy of the March 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan Philippines to read all about the experience. Click through to the gallery below to see the photos. For a sneak peek, you may also want to watch this video.
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