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Sunsilk Hairkada Caps Off Their Best-Ever Summer At Cosmo Summer Party 2022

Summer might be over, but they’re still feeling their best ever!

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Last May 21, Cosmo Summer Party capped off the season’s heat over delicious food and drinks, lively music, exciting raffles, and activities at Fat Wave Surf Resort, La Union.

Of course, chiming in the fun is co-presenter Sunsilk who brought along members of the Sunsilk Hairkada who are still claiming that best-ever summer energy even as the season comes to an end. Upbeat music energized everyone thanks to the sets of invited DJs Tom and Yela Renee.

During its onstage segment, Sunsilk gave away exclusive gifts to the winners of a guess the song game. It also hosted another contest where participants record a “catching up” moment with their own hairkada, while vibing to Sunsilk’s official soundtrack during the event.

To win, participants uploaded their entries with #CampCosmoInElyu on TikTok and tagged’s and Sunsilk’s official TikTok. The most creative entries and posts received prizes from Sunsilk.

We also talked to the Hairkada members who shared their feelings and realizations over the summer, as well as having Sunsilk as their best-ever shampoo for the summer.

Hairkada member Olli Ollano said Sunsilk Activ-Infusion helped her gain the confidence to freely enjoy the summer thanks to her healthy, beautiful hair

“With its best-ever blend of oils, vitamins, and proteins that keep my hair healthy all day made me really comfortable and confident with myself. The best part is, it has diverse variants that cater to different hair care needs!”

Nagumi Nallana, who calls herself “a certified island girl” said she did not have to worry about having fun and looking good thanks to Sunsilk. “I did not have to worry about my hair at all, because Sunsilk keeps my hair smooth and manageable all day despite any weather, even in the salty seawater!”

Made with its best-ever blend of Activ-infusion, a blend of oils, vitamins, and proteins, the all-new Best-Ever Sunsilk with Activ-Infusion protects hair from the causes of frizz and malodor for smooth and fragrant hair. It comes in four variants that cater to every haircare need: Smooth and Manageable, Strong and Long, Damage Reconstruction, and Expert-Perfect Straight.

Manifest that fragrant and beautiful hair this summer with Sunsilk! Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable is your go-to for silky smooth hair, while Sunsilk Strong and Long is your BFF for luscious locks minus the frizz. For that blow-dry realness na parang katatapos lang mag-salon, use Sunsilk Expert-Perfect Straight. Finally, if you want to revive dry and damaged hair back to its glory, Sunsilk Damage Reconstruction is for you.

Watch how the Sunsilk Hairkada capped off the summer at this year’s Cosmo Summer Party:

Sunsilk @ Cosmo Summer Party 2022

#WALANGMAKAKAPIGIL SA BANGONG NAKAKAGIGIL with Sunsilk. Shop Sunsilk shampoo at department stores on online via Shopee, Lazada, and UStore. To learn more about the best-ever summer, visit Sunsilk's FB page.

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