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FYI, Taiwan Is Now Allowing Filipino Tourists To Visit Visa-Free

Taiwan visa-free travel for Filipinos
PHOTO: shutterstock, pexels

Finally: Filipinos are back on the list of travelers that can enter Taiwan visa-free. Starting September 29, folks holding the usual Philippine passport can enter and stay in Taiwan for up to 14 days, according to their Bureau of Consular Affairs. 

Filipinos back on list of travelers that have visa-free entry to Taiwan

The Taiwanese bureau included the Philippines in a bulletin dated September 22 listing countries under visa-exempt entry status. "Nationals of Philippines (effective till July 31, 2023), except those holding diplomatic or official/service passports, are eligible for the visa exemption program, with a duration of stay of up to 14 days," states the bulletin. We are up on the September 29 start date alongside Brunei, Thailand, Israel, and more. 

Pinoys were first given visa-free entry to Taiwan back in November 2017, under a policy that was renewed every 12 months. We had this visa-free relationship until, as with everything else that stopped then, the pandemic hit. All foreign visitors to Taiwan were barred on March 19, 2020.


A strict travel ban was in place until Taiwan's Bureau of Consular Affairs released on September 6 a long list of "designated foreign countries [that] are eligible for the visa exemption entry scheme" starting September 12—a list that did not include us, just yet. The newest bulletin finally reinstates this visa-free relationship. 

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