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TBH, Instagram Photos All Look The Same Now

User 'Insta_Repeat' is over all the 'same' photos people take.
PHOTO: Instagram/insta_repeat

If you’re on Instagram as often as we are (read: all the freaking time), then you’ve probably picked up on the fact that influencers and celebrities often go to the same places and take eerily similar shots (we’re talking down to the exact pose). One woman even stalked a travel blogger Lauren Bullen around the world just to recreate her photos.

It’s just the trend.

Well, a 27-year-old Alaskan filmmaker created an account called “Insta_Repeat” to highlight all the photo trends.

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She told Photoshelter, “There is a lot of mimicry everywhere in media, not just on Instagram. A purpose of Insta_Repeat is to critique originality in media creation through the lens (pun intended) of this one “genre” of Instagram photography accounts.”

She described it as “this genre of adventurous and creative living, tagged with phrases like ‘liveauthentic’ and ‘exploretocreate’ that seems so ironic and thus an interesting target to me.”

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People in Insta_Repeat’s comments section have mixed feelings: Some applaud her project for pointing out the toxicity of these photos while others deem it too negative because what’s so wrong with taking pretty pictures?

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