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The 10 Commandments Of Traveling On A Budget

Take note, travel bugs.

1. Thou shall always be on the lookout for seat sales to score the cheapest tickets.

These days, there are seat sales left and right, but don’t be overwhelmed. The important thing is to pay attention to the details that matter: booking window, travel period, and destination. Once all those have matched your plans, then book, book, book!

2. Thou shall check deal websites for discounted rates and act fast before they run out of slots!

Packaged tours, sometimes even with airfare, are available on most deal websites. There are so many: Cash Cash Pinoy, Ensogo, Metro Deal, and Agoda, among others. Browse through these often so you can get first dibs on a really good travel deal! Book it immediately and click the bank deposit option if you need a few more hours to think about your decision. Deal websites will usually give you until the end of day to deposit your payment to make your purchase official.

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3. Thou shall compare costs of DIY tours and travel tour packages and go with the most budget-friendly.

Depending on your destination, you may want to go on a DIY tour instead of a travel package tour to save on some cash. There are a lot of travel blogs out there that give you step-by-step directions on getting to places plus the summary of all costs they made on their trip. You can pattern your itinerary to a blogger’s to spare yourself the hassle of making one of your own, or the hassle of spending too much on a travel agency.

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4. Thou shall do your research to save on time and money when you get to your destination.

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Before going to your destination, check on all the places you want to visit and restaurants you want to eat in. It’d be a waste if you went to a place and found out later on that you missed out on all the great stuff ‘cause you didn’t know about it when you were there!

5. Thou shall not be choosy with your accommodations.

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You’ve gotta compromise during the planning stage: are you splurging on your hotel, or saving that money for sightseeing?

6. Thou shall pack light—meaning purchasing tickets with NO BAGGAGE.

Adding baggage to your ticket cost (depending on your flight) will cost you a couple of hundreds and thousands that you can use instead for more sightseeing, more food, a better hotel, and more pocket money for shopping! Think twice before paying to bring an extra set of clothes! Will it really be worth it?

7. Thou shall travel with a big group to divide and save on costs.

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When traveling with a big group, costs of big ticket items such as your hotel, travel tours, boat rental, and others are divided among more people, meaning cheaper costs for you! Plus, the more the merrier!

8. Thou shall blend in and do as the locals do!

Apart from doing the usual tourist things, take some advice from the locals—ask about their favorite place or restaurant—you might be surprised with the hidden gems you’ll find.

9. Thou shall travel in the low or off season and enjoy cheaper rates and less tourists!

Traveling to a place during its off season may have its cons, but it has its pros too! Cheaper rates for airfare and accommodations, less people to crowd the places you want to see, and a more exclusive getaway for you and your companions.

10. Thou shall keep the budget in mind but also remember to ENJOY YOUR VACATION!

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And after all the planning, and all the strategizing to stay within budget, remember that at the end of the day, this is a vacation. Be happy to be where you are, and forget all else.