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The 4 Types of Travel Companions

Which one are you?

The Flake 

You have a great time and have an awesome rapport with your friends on the way to your destination, but the minute you get there, poof! You are gone. Whether or not it’s intentional, you always seem to find yourself straying from the pack and exploring the place and checking out or mingling with the people in the area. You may see your friends maybe one or two more times, but they’re really more likely to see you at check-out time.

The Freeloader

If there is someone who pays for everything, then naturally there is someone who doesn’t pay at all. That person just happens to be you. You probably have the money, but you’re extremely frugal and find ways to avoid having to pay for anything, hence annoying your friends. You usually have the most energy and are often the one who suggests a lot of activities (this takes a lot of nerve, considering you don’t plan on paying a single centavo). Somehow you get by and still manage to have friends. How? Sometimes that eludes you as well.

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The Organizer 

You are the busy bee that controls the entire trip. As the person who makes everything happen, you are also the most frazzled. From planning to booking to managing the actual trip, you are the point person. More often than not, you end up stressing yourself out and resenting your friends for being able to enjoy everything. Without you, though, there would be no happy friends, no great room with a view, and no good travel deals. Just the thought of having made everything possible makes you happy most of the time, but you should really learn to enjoy the trips more. After all, you planned them so you might as well enjoy them.

The Wallflower

You are the silent watcher of things. You agree to go on trips, but your participation is always optional. You watch things from afar because, well, it’s better that way. You’re part of the group but at the same time out of place, so you think it’s best not to get in the way of others. In short, you are just there, handy for taking pictures or when something needs to get done. Whether or not you get amusement or pleasure out of your trips is something you still have to evaluate.

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