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The Cosmo Girl's Good Vibes Playlist For An Epic Beach Road Trip

Barkada? Check. Bikinis? Check. Beach-ready tunes? You bet.

A barkada road trip ain’t complete without a playlist to soundtrack the ride. Here, we list summer-perfect songs that are guaranteed to pump you up, calm you down, and keep you feeling awesome as you hit the gas all the way to paradise.

When you start the car, play: "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina & The Waves

This '80s anthem is practically made of endorphins, which makes it the perfect opener to your road trip mix. Once you’ve gathered your pals, hit play and get off to a sunny start.

When you gush about all the fun you’re going to have, play: "Holiday" by Madonna 

How many bikinis did everyone pack? Who brought the speakers? Is anyone else trying surfing? Let this gleefully girly hit from Madonna stream in the background as you squeal over such crucial matters.

When the initial excitement wanes (and your butt starts to go numb), play: "Steal My Sunshine" by LEN


Your stomach is rumbling, and you’re losing sensation in half your body. Let this laid-back '90s gem soundtrack the slowdown, and decide to make a stop for lunch and a good stretch. 

When you’re back on the road after your lamon break, play: "California Gurls" by Katy Perry

Nothing screams "Look at us, we’re having such a blast in our sexy summer outfits!" better than this fun pop hit.

When you spot hotties in the car next to yours, play: "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer

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Herd of hunks at three o’clock! Turn up this fierce disco track, roll down your windows, and make flirty eyes at your boy of choice.

When you feel like taking a nap (and you’re not at the wheel, of course), play: "Go Outside" by Cults

That carb-heavy lunch now has you feeling sluggish, and you’re only halfway to your destination. Let this hazy, lazy indie song lull you to a short sleep.

When you want to get everyone’s energy up once again, play: "Summer Nights" by the cast of Grease

Your friends too quiet for comfort? Put on this singalong-ready number, sit back, and watch as everyone pitches in on the singing. Instant karaoke break!

When you feel like you’ve been on the road forever, play: "Summer Girls" by LFO

No, you are not there yet. Just chill out to this smooth ode to summer girls—like you!—and visualize the sand, the sea, and a light sheen of sweat on your sun-kissed skin.


When the sun starts to set, play: "Kokomo" by The Beach Boys

The setting sun gives the sights that roll past a lovely warm glow. Let this classic Beach Boys song serenade you as you gaze out the window. You’re almost there, promise.

When you near your destination, play: "All Night" by Icona Pop

Finally, you see that resort signage looming larger on the horizon. Quick, blast this baby for a banging soundtrack to your arrival. Have an epic summer adventure, Cosmo girls!