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The PUV Drivers You Can't Ever Avoid in Manila

They give everyone else a bad time.

There's driving in Metro Manila and then there's professional driving in Metro Manila. The so-called "pros" (purely based on their license) are the subject of memes and they make a constant appearance in social media, with people airing their grievances over bus drivers who block the flow of traffic along EDSA or cabbies who think that anything can be done in the name of making money.

The sad thing is, there are responsible "public utility" drivers. All their hard work is overshadowed by these wayward drivers behind PUV wheels.

The Terminal-ator

The chances of encountering The Terminal-ator is directly proportional to how late you already are, because that's just the way the universe seems to work. They're the drivers who park beside waiting sheds for a solid 10 to 15 minutes, honking their horns at people whose eyes are fixed on the horizon. A 30-minute cruise along Commonwealth turns into an hour and a half drag, because he thinks the "waiting" part applies to him. 


The Spice Girl aka Stop Right Now

Indiscriminate stopping by buses, jeeps, and cabs is a Metro Manila trademark. If you drive in this city, you know that braking is important because you never know when a PUV will stop to let passengers on or off. 

Mr. No aka Hitchhiking but with a Fee

You have to wonder why people even bother being taxi drivers if they're only going to let you on when you're going where they're headed. Don't they want your money? Surprisingly, this happens with FXes and buses, too. They just let you off sometimes, because they want to do a U-turn. Best of luck finding another ride to wherever it is you're going!

King of the Road

He beats the red light. He insists that this road isn't one-way. He will counterflow. He will rage at the traffic enforcer who pulled him over for making an illegal U-turn. Laws apply only to others. He'll do all of the above and more, especially speeding up when approaching a pedestrian lane.

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