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10 Super Fun Things To Do In Laguna

Explore water parks, waterfalls, and more, with these mini adventures.
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Nothing says summer adventure like hopping into a car, bus, or plane with your backpack, sunscreen, and desire for a change of scenery. The reward for this openness to discovering something new is that we almost always do! So, if you’re feeling the travel itch but need to stay close to home, why not explore Manila’s neighboring province of Laguna? Just south of the metro, it's jam-packed with activities and destinations that range from breathtaking, to eye-opening, to just downright fun. Here are a few of our favorite mini adventures you can do whether you’re on a day trip, weekend expedition, or longer holiday.

  1. Pagsanjan Falls

    You’ve likely learned about the 120-meter high waterfall—also known as Cavinti Falls—in Philippine geography or social studies class. It’s been one of the region’s most famous attractions dating back to the Spanish colonial era. But even if you’ve seen photos or read descriptions, nothing compares to experiencing the storied power of this natural wonder. Perhaps you visited this destination once before, or as a child? We urge you to go again. There are so many ways to explore the waterway and surrounding area leading to the falls. From taking a small canoe against the current to hiking the jungle covered cliffs, every row or step connects you to the earth, culminating in a breathtaking view. 

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  2. Bato Springs

    For a refreshing dip in cool waters, surrounded by jungle, head to Bato Springs. Here, you’ll enjoy calm mini-falls, clean pools, and lots of shade from trees. Making this man-made resort the perfect destination for a summer break.

  3. Republic Wake Park

    Want to be in the fun and sun without the hassle of trekking into the jungle? Just off the highway is Republic Wake Park, a man-made paradise for wakeboarding enthusiasts and novices. Grab some friends and spend the day slicing through water. Whether you execute tricks, learn new techniques, or wipe out every time—a day at this fun park is one you won’t soon forget.

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  4. Rizal Shrine

    Laguna is the proud birthplace of Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal. So it’s only fitting that one of their most popular attractions is the reproduction of his childhood house in Calamba, known as Rizal Shrine. Be sure to add this stop to your road trip itinerary. You’ll get a deeper understanding of National history and local culture—all while getting a break from the blazing summer sun

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  5. Enchanted Kingdom

    Arguably the nation’s best theme park, Enchanted Kingdom is the place to go if you’re looking for a thrilling experience this summer. With rollercoasters, rides, shows, and other family-friendly activities, you’ll get to reconnect with your playful side as you romp through the open air park. Best to visit during the week, when the lines aren’t too long.

  6. Lake Muhikap

    While it is known for much of its natural beauty, one of Laguna’s distinct characteristics is that it is the home to an abundance of lakes. One of the most beautiful is Lake Muhikap, located in San Pablo. Packed with fresh water tilapia and surrounded by green hills, this is one of the lesser-known spots to visit. Making it a tranquil getaway from anyone who needs to hit refresh on their week.

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  7. Sta. Elena Fun Farm

    This family-friendly attraction offers visitors everything from zip lining to fishing. As its name suggests, there are animals such as ponies and carabaos, which visitors can interact with. But on top of being fun, it is also beautiful. Be sure to bring your camera to take some Instagram-worthy shots at the rustic treehouses and teepees dotting the property.

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  8. Splash Island

    Indulge your inner child with a trip to Splash Island. Not only will you beat the summer heat by frolicking through refreshing pools and fountains, but you will also enjoy an active day of climbing stairs to impressive heights to tube down winding slides. The best part? No matter how old you are, or how many times you’ve done it, you’ll find yourself shouting for joy every time you hit the water.

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  9. National Arts Center

    Located in the Makiling Forest Reservation in Los Baños, this complex features a theater, cottages, a chapel, and more. Even if you aren’t there to watch a performance at the 1000-seat auditorium, you’ll enjoy the refreshing scenery and interesting architecture it has to offer.

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  10. Mt. Makiling

    Few experiences immerse you into the natural environment like an old-fashioned trek. If you’re looking for a true adventure, consider exploring Mount Makiling. Rising over 1000 meters, it is the highest feature in the Laguna Volcanic Field. Here, you can discover everything to satisfy your nature-hungry senses. From dense patches of forest, to cool rivers and creeks, to gorgeous mountaintop views.

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