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FYI, The Philippines Is Ranked Among The Top 20 Post-Pandemic Travel Destinations

Italy topped the list.
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After months being cooped up at home, traveling is on everyone's mind. Once the pandemic is over and the lockdown eases, those daydreams can turn into a reality as border reopen for international travel. So where does everyone want to go? According to data compiled by from Google search volumes, the top three googled countries to fly and vacation in are: Italy, the Maldives, and Mexico.

Italy garnered over 1.9 million searches, topping the list of the most in demand vacation spots of 2021. This data comes just months after Italy was the epicenter of COVID-19 in Europe. The Maldives came in at second place with 1.79 million searches, followed by Mexico with 1.72 million searches.

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Oddly enough, China also made it to the list at number 11 with 1.07 million searches despite being the reported starting point of the pandemic. It ranks even higher than the Philippines, which is currently at number 15 with 801,000 searches.

The high interest in travel is welcome news for the travel industry, which has been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The global industry has lost billions, and some countries that rely almost entirely on travel, like the Maldives, have been economically devastated by the pandemic. The fact that travel is still on everyone's mind and in their plans bodes well for the industry post-pandemic.

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"It's crucial that we begin to travel again, in order to generate revenue for the companies within the travel and tourism sector and ensure that we minimize any further job losses in the industry," said Jayne Forrester, Director of International Development at "As a result, we must find a balance between enjoying our travels and doing so in a safe and responsible manner, to prevent any further waves of the COVID-19 virus."

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Here are the top 20 most searched for places for post-lockdown travel:

1. Italy

2| Maldives

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3. Mexico

4. Thailand

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5. Spain

6. Canada

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7. Greece

8. Turkey

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9. Japan

10. Australia

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11. China

12. New Zealand

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13. Iceland

14. Croatia

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15. The Philippines

16. Malta

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17. Costa Rica

18. Cyprus

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19. Barbados

20. Germany

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