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Travel Cheat Sheet: 30 Summer Essentials

Don't risk leaving any of these must-have items behind! Use this checklist to take the stress out of preparing for a glorious weekend getaway--like during this five-day break!

Summer Traver Cheat Sheet 1. Two fabulous bikinis

2. A sarong or beach wrap

3. An oversized lightweight scarf for covering up at dinner

4. A sexy tank dress made of jersey material

5. Four pairs of underwear, and a light and dark bra (one strapless)

6. One pair of flip-flops

7. One pair of comfy flats or slip-on sneakers

8. A pair of heels

9. Two solid-color tanks or camis

10. Two pairs of short shorts, one denim

11. A pair of tight jeans to wear with flats or heels

12. A floral or solid-color sundress in a bold shade, like tangerine or cobalt

13. A lightweight hoodie

14. Thin hoop earrings (gold for the beach, silver for the city)

15. A chunky necklace (either brightly colored or with large metallic or stone accents)

16. A thin, durable plastic bag (for the beach and dirty laundry)

17. Sunglasses

18. Shampoo, conditioner (unless you use the hotel's), makeup remover, razor, shaving cream, body lotion, and eye cream

19. Toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, and floss

20. A hairbrush or comb

21. Deodorant

22. Pain reliever, upset-stomach treatment, and allergy meds

23. Sunscreen and SPF lip balm

24. Bug spray

25. A spritzer bottle filled with clothing dewrinkler

26. Earplugs and an eye mask

27. Mini travel candles

28. Mini sewing kit with safety pins, tweezers, and rubber bands

29. A camera and cell phone, with extra batteries and chargers

30. Quart-sized plastic bag for any three-ounced liquids you stash in your carry-on luggage

Source: Samantha Brown, host of Discovery Travel & Living's Samantha Brown: Passport To Great Weekends

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