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Want To See The World For Free? This Family Needs A Travel Nanny

Being a nanny might not be super glam, but this gig seems to be worth it!

Every backpacker can tell you that one of the best ways to fund your travels is by doing odd jobs. Unless you’re a trust fund kid, you have to be able to swallow your pride and be willing to get down and dirty.

I once spent five months in Singapore and worked as a nanny, and it was far from glamorous or Instagram-worthy, but it allowed me the freedom to stay in a country I wanted to explore further.

And now, the family behind Five Take Flight is looking for someone who wants to do the exact same thing except instead of just experiencing Singapore, they’re taking you on a 12-month tour around the world. Euro trip, anyone?

Derek and Kenzie Tillotson are in need of a travel nanny who will not only look after their three young kids, but also homeschool them. Can you handle it?

In terms of payment, here’s the lowdown: "We are expecting to pay a salary of $1,200 to $1,500 a month. Keep in mind, we will be covering all expenses when you are with the family—food, travel, and lodging as well as any expenses incurred while fulfilling your job. Your 'free time' activities will be at your expense. You will have one to two days off each week, depending on our travel schedule."

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More importantly, "you’ll be an honorary member of the [Tillotson] family and will be treated with respect and be able to voice your opinion."

Anything for the love of travel, right?

For more information, please visit Five Take Flight’s website.  

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