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Traveling With Your Man For The First Time?


Whether you and your man are going to Batanes for a wellness retreat or to Singapore for a quick getaway, you need to understand that traveling together is not the same as going on a date or even an spending the night at his place. There are many things that you need to take into consideration. From planning your itinerary to navigating the city, here are a few tips to help make sure you and your man are still in a relationship by the end of your trip. 

Make a checklist. 
In some aspects, traveling with your man is just like traveling with your family and friends. You still have to be responsible for your own things, and you still have to pick up after yourself. One of the things that hasn’t changed: making a checklist. Do you have your passport, photo ID, and cash? Did you pack extra underwear, important meds, and copies of your booking confirmation? Having a checklist keeps you and your man organized, thereby minimizing the risk of an argument so early into the journey.

Assign tasks.

Since you two are a team, you need to work together to ensure that everything goes without a hitch. The easiest way to do this, as well as to avoid any finger-pointing in the end, is to delegate or take on certain tasks. "Whenever Pao and I travel, I’m always in charge of the food. Unless he has a particular request, I usually pick the restaurants we eat at," shares Abigail, 29. "This includes knowing where it is and what to order. Siya naman, he takes care of the photos. He brings the camera, makes sure it’s fully charged, and carries it with him wherever we go."

Create your itinerary together.

Your man may be content to let you handle all the details, but make sure you ask for his input or, at the very least, plan your itinerary within his hearing range. That way, he can still make suggestions and, more importantly, objections.

Consider each other's interests.

Remember that you're not the only one on this trip. "My hubby is a huge fan of shoes, so when we were in Hong Kong, I already knew that we would be spending some time—okay, maybe a lot of time—on Sneaker Street," says Leah, 29. "Likewise, I wanted to check out the designer outlets. It was give and take." At the end of the day, you want him to have as good a time as you. 

Travel light.
While this could apply to your luggage, in this case, it’s more apt for your heart. As much as possible, don’t bring any negative energy with you on your trip. If there’s something bothering you, it's best to settle it before you actually leave. "I had suspected my boyfriend of cheating on me, but we had this Thailand trip all planned out, and I didn’t want to rock the boat just before then," says Missy, 27. "It didn’t do me any good. I may have been smiling in all our pictures, but inside, I was absolutely miserable." 

Stick to your budget.

The last thing you want to happen while out of town is to fight about money. Make sure you and your man agree on a cap, so neither of you end up overspending. 


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