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What Should Be Your Next Travel Destination?

Take this short quiz, and find you soul city.

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Traveling is probably one of the best rewards you can give yourself. It’s a way to relax, refresh your perspective, and get a mini life reset. Take the simple quiz below, and find the best place to do exactly just that.


1. I take my coffee…

a. Black, straight up.

b.With an extra shot of espresso.

c. ...actually, I don't drink coffee. One soy tea latte, non-fat, one Stevia, please!

d. Caramel macchiato, upside down.


2. I go to work by taking my…

a. …self. Commuting is absolutely most practical way to go!

b. Carpool! It's convenient, and you meet new people.

c. Sleek black sedan, the one that my awesome dad bought me.

d. Customized road bike, training wheels excluded.


3. On weekends, I unwind by…

a. Taking a road trip/food trip around the best hole-in-the-wall restos in the wall in Pampanga.

b. Partying the days away!

c. Brunching in Shang, watching a movie in Rockwell, then Happy Hour at The Palace.

d. Heading out of town, pitching a tent in a secret spot. See you at 15.3330° N, 119.9758° E!


4. My beauty regimen consists of...

a. Lathering this organic facial wash I found on my one of my trips to Bali

b. OMG! I totally forgot to wash my face from last night’s crazy party!

c. It’s a 10-step process that I do meticulously before I get any shuteye.

d. Not much, really. I just splash water to take off the dirt and feel fresh after a full day out at sea.


5. The 3 fashion items I cannot travel without…

a. My fedora hat, my comfy linen pants and my beach sandals

b. My string bikini, denim cut-off shorts, and trucker cap

c. My designer backpack, my newly-purchased limited-edition sneaks, and my shades

d. My cotton beach dress, my carry-all bag and multipurpose sarong


 And Your Next Travel Destination Should Be...


Mostly As: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Temple run, anyone? Find inner peace as you visit ancient ruins and hundred-old temples. Don’t forget to observe proper decorum!

Mostly Bs: Boracay, Philippines

There is never a dull moment with you, party girl! Dance the night away and flaunt that bikini bod in sunny Bora.

Mostly Cs: Tokyo, Japan

City kids always have the best fun. Sashay in Shibuya or immerse yourself in the quirky vibes of Harajuku!

Mostly Ds: Siargao, Philippines

Chill in General Luna or ride some epic waves in Cloud 9, Siargao. Trust, the sea and sun will wash away those nega-vibes.

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