This Is Why Hotels Always Use White Bed Sheets

It all makes sense now.
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There's nothing quite like getting into a hotel bed. The king-sized duvet, the giant, fluffy pillows (all fifty of them), and the luxuriously soft hotel linen. But have you ever wondered why the bed sheets are always white?

While you might put it down to something sexy (ahem), what people might get up to in their own time is actually nothing to do with it. Instead, Emma Hooton, an in-house interior stylist at Tielle Love Luxury, says white sheets don't date or lose their color in the same way as colored sheets might.

"Colored linen not only fades over time but easily dates and somehow never looks quite as timeless or inviting as fresh white," she explains, which does make sense. Considering the amount of washes hotel sheets go through, staff wouldn't want a color that might fade or date within a short space of time.

The interior stylist went on to touch on how plain sheets also create a sense of calm within a hotel room, adding "white always forms the perfect backdrop to any other hues or textures in the bedroom. Start with a blank, neutral canvas and work up with a statement headboard and fun patterns or colorful cushions for a bed you want to dive into."

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