This Woman Is Traveling To All 196 Countries And Is About To Break A Record

27-year-old Cassie De Pocol documents her trips around the world on her website, Expedition 196.
PHOTO: Instagram/expedition_196

While most of us are sitting at our desks, dreaming of traveling and seeing the world someday, Cassandra "Cassie" De Pocol is making it happen! In July 2015, Casssie left the comforts of Connecticut to visit all 193 sovereign nations, plus Taiwan, Kosovo, and Palestine. In the last 15 months, she has visited 181 countries.

If she finishes in the next 30 days, she’ll be the first documented woman to have visited every country on Earth at a record-breaking pace, which will grant her a Guinness World Record.

On her website, Expedition 196, Cassie writes about all the things she’s seen and places she’s been to, as well as the people who’ve graciously sponsored some of her stays and trips. While traveling, Cassie’s “filming a documentary about her experiences, acting as an ambassador for the International Institute of Peace Through Tourism, and collecting water samples around the world for Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation.” 

As a female solo traveler, it hasn’t always been easy. Cassie shares, “I've been harassed and in sticky situations, whereas a man in the same situation likely wouldn't have experienced the same. Some like to believe that they can take advantage of me because I'm a woman, thinking I'm more gullible to cough up more money or talk to them more because they want me to, but I don't tolerate any inequality anymore. If I feel that I'm being harassed or taken advantage of, I say how I feel, then I'm out.”

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We can’t wait to read about the rest of Cassie’s adventures!

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