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Why Is Everyone Obsessing Over Crystals These Days?

Which one should you get?
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/crystal.age, (RIGHT) istockphoto

As you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, you’ve probably noticed that crystals are gaining popularity.

Nadine Lustre has posted a lot of her crystals on Instagram, particularly those from Crystal Age:

Liza Soberano’s wellness spa also promotes crystals as a way to soothe the mind and body.

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These crystals are undoubtedly beautiful, but they are more than just props to fulfill your Instagram aesthetic. reached out to the co-owner and founder of Crystal Age and Philippine Crystals,  Xavier Cortez. Crystals are created or formed through a specific process called hydrothermal organization wherein molecules attach to other molecules in a very precise and organized way; this is called “crystal lattice,” which creates patterns and symmetry in the crystals.

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Xavier explained, “The theory is that the human aura, the electromagnetic field around us, which is created by the electrical activity in our hearts and nervous systems, interacts with crystals and are affected by crystals, then affecting our physical bodies in a more noticeable fashion.”

So what kind of crystal should you go for?

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Rose Quartz promotes self-love and emotional healing as well as generates understanding, empathy, and compassion.

Clear Quartz is for clarity of mind, programmability, and amplification.

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Amethyst helps you calm down and relax; this is also best for psychic protection, purification, and release of addictions.

Citrine helps with finding creativity and manifesting your dreams.

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Jade will bring you luck, fortune, and wealth.

Because crystals are becoming more mainstream, more people are profiting off them. But Xavier warns that if you want to get the most out of crystals, make sure you’re inquiring with people who are passionate and knowledgeable about them.

Crystal Age is located at 102 Maginhawa St., Quezon City.

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