21 Types Of Guy Friends Every Girl Will Have In Her Life

There's the guy you ask about gadgets, and another guy you talk to about fitness.

1. The guy you can talk to about anything.

You tell him about your love life, your family or career problems, your health, your goals, and so much more. He's a really good listener and he's the best advice giver you know. You trust him 100 percent. He's also the guy who stops you from claiming that all men in the world suck.

2. The guy who talks to you about anything.

He's the guy who tells you about this girl he likes, his very personal issues, his video games. He is either clueless about the female psyche that's why he talks to you a lot, or he thinks you're a bro.

3. The guy who's always joking around.

He's witty and really fun to hang out with. He's the guy you have to have in a gathering 'cos he's bound to break the ice and make everyone feel at ease.

4. The guy who's loaded AF.

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He's the guy who loves to treat people and go to swanky places. He carries the latest iPhone, which he got as soon as it was launched.

5. The guy who's always dressed to impress.

He looks so good, and he always looks better than you. His fashion sense makes you want menswear for yourself.

6. The guy who looks too cool to dress up.

And he probably is really cool. He gives off the rockstar vibe with his shirt, pants, and sneakers, and everyone's attracted to him.

7. The perky guy.

He's too cheery to talk to every day, but he's great for when you're in the dumps and need some confidence boost and faith.

8. The geeky guy.

He LOVES his video games, his comics, his fan fic, and SCIENCE. You don't know much about his interests, but you enjoy his company and support his endeavors.

9. The sporty guy.

He's the guy you talk to about getting fit.

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10. The gym guy.

He's all about GAINS, and you just ask him about what it's like to hit the gym.

11. The techie guy.

He's your go-to guy when you need your phone or laptop fixed, or when you need to know what gadget you should get yourself.

12. The religious guy.

He's very active in church and his youth group. You may not be as religious as he is, but you respect his beliefs as long as he doesn't go preaching to everyone and claims science is bullshit.

13. The hipster.

He loves craft beer and craft coffee, and doesn't like it when his favorite indie band suddenly becomes so popular it's mainstream. He likes being the first in everything and takes pride in saying he "discovered" something.

14. The creative guy.

He's always working on new projects, whether it's got to do with design, photography, videography, or writing. He's got great vision and great taste, and you know he'll go far later in life. At this point, you're really proud of him and wishing you got his skills.

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15. The ladies' man.

He gets into trouble because he's touchy with a lot of girls and they all think he's in love with them. He's really just flirty, though. You feel bad for all the girls he made paasa.

16. The overly nice guy.

He's so nice that girls love him, and he's too nice that guys doubt him. He always takes the initiative in reaching out to people. He'll offer someone he just met a drink, a ride, or a helping hand. Yup, guys think this nice guy is up to no good.

17. The big guy who looks like a manyak.

But he's actually a gentle giant and you think he's a giant teddy bear. Good for keeping the creepy guys away!

18. The adventurer.

This guy is always out of town hiking one mountain after the other, surfing at one beach after the next. His IG feed is your travel inspo, and he's the guy you go to when you need adventure suggestions for your bucket list.

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19. The really, really smart guy.

He's the guy who can explain things quickly and simply. He's a great teacher and talker, so he always makes sense and convinces people. You always listen to what he has to say, and his opinion matters to you a lot.

20. The guy who's secretly in love with you.

Except you know he's got a crush on you because his friends told you about it. You have to pretend like you don't know, though, so things won't be awkward between the two of you. Poor him; you really just look at him as a friend.

21. The guy you're in love with.

Or the guy you have a huge crush on. You both have undeniable chemistry and you think sparks are flying everywhere when you guys are together. He makes you laugh, he inspires you, he knows exactly what to say to make your day. But neither of you make a move that goes beyond friendship. You don't want to risk losing him in the future in case you guys don't work out as a couple. Besides, he's taken and so are you. Well, it's complicated.

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