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VegFest Pilipinas 2019, The Biggest Vegan Festival In The Country, Is Happening This Weekend


Being a vegan could seem daunting and difficult, with all the things that have to be given up such as food and any ingredient from animal products and by-products. For vegans, it's important to not just have a plant-based dietone must also give up items (including clothes, cosmetics, household items, etc.) derived from any part of an animal such as leather, wool, and beeswax.

As more people decide to shift to this kind of lifestyle, more products have also become easily accessible and available in the market. And this weekend, vegans are in it for a treat: A hundred vegan stalls will all be in one place at the BGC Arts Center this November 16-17!

VegFest Pilipinas 2019 is the biggest vegan festival in the Philippines with "two full days of vegan food and drinks, apparel, personal and home care products, zero-waste tools, cooking demos, live performances, wellness activities, games, raffles, and activism."


With a 100-peso pledge per day for the benefit of ARF Manila and SIFCare GO Palakasyou can already get access to all the stalls and activities. Discounted vegan products are also available for purchase.

This festival makes caring for the environment, having compassion for all, and treating animals as friends and not food easier. Will you try out vegan products from VegFest Pilipinas 2019?

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