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Watch Parents Read Emotional Letters From Their Teens And Weep Forever

"There aren't words powerful enough to describe how much you mean to me."

In the above video, which is part of a new campaign from Minute Maid, six parents are asked how they think they're doing parenting-wise. Their responses vary from uncertain to afraid.

"I didn't know how hard work it was 'til I actually had to do it on my own," a dad tells the camera. "I failed, I think, on a daily basis, to live up to my own expectations. I question whether I'm doing a good job every day," a mom adds.

Another dad says, "I wonder what he's thinking all the time or what he's feeling because he doesn't really communicate all his feelings and emotions."

At this point, the video feels like it has been created specifically to make you weep. It certainly fulfills Minute Maid's goal, which that you should "join us in reminding parents they're doing better than they think."

Because it's not hard enough to watch parents express their insecurities about their parenting, the video then flips to their children writing their honest feedback in a letter about their moms and dads. Of course, they all love them very much.

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"Sometimes you don't really know the right words to say," one daughter's letter begins. "I often forget to tell you how much you mean to me ... I never really told you how much you mean to me and that's because there aren't words powerful enough to describe how much you mean to me."

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"Dear dad," the first dad's son's letter starts. "The advice you gave me is to go to college, graduate, and be an honest person, and I followed these principles and I will be well off ... Great kid. Great kid."

The third part of the video reunites the kids and their parents after they've read their letters. Everyone is emotional and it's hard to watch in the best way. As she cries, one mom says, "Maybe I feel like I'm doing a 7, but if I got a kid to write a letter like this, it's gotta be closer to 10."

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Go call your mom. Call your dad. Do it now. Tell everyone you love them. Go! Now!

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