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Quick Question: Why Can't I Stop Watching Decluttering And Organizing Videos?

Psychology is to blame.
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Reality check: We have been in quarantine for eight months or nearly 250 (!!!) days. In that time, we have mostly busied ourselves by consuming hours and hours of cleaning and home organization videos to inspire us to live a more ~minimalist~ lifestyle. So what's the reason behind all these binge-watching sessions and the sudden urge to KonMari our entire life? It turns out, psychology is to blame. Read on to know more:

    According to therapist Caroline Given, LCSW, these types of videos are especially appealing to those who are stressed out or dealing with depression. "To see someone finally throwing away their to-go cup graveyard and putting away piles of clothes is aspirational because we’re getting visual access to an inner healing that is beginning to take place, which is inspiring."

    This makes sense, seeing that we're nearing 250 days in quarantine. With the light at the end of the tunnel still nowhere in sight, stress is inevitable. There are so many things that are out of our control right now, so we turn our attention to the things we *can* manage—the state of our room, for example.

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    "At a basic level, cleaning is behavioral activation, a therapeutic technique that has been well-documented to improve symptoms of depression," Given says. It also helps when you "change" the look of the environment you've been in in the past eight months. So if you're feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a rut due to the pandemic, this kind of content can spark a feeling of optimism in you, too.

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    Another reason cleaning videos are so appealing is that they're easy—anyone can do it! Unlike the aspirational and polished content of celebs and influencers, decluttering-centered content just features people dealing with the stress through the universal act of doing their chores. It's simple and achievable—no B.S. needed.

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