We Asked: Can A Guy And A Girl Be Just Friends?

Is it really possible?

Bonding with your girl friends is fun, but being with dudes can be a welcome break—no complications. Wait, no complications?

We've heard stories of best friends becoming lovers or unrequited love stemming from deep friendships between guys and girls, leading us to raise the question "Can a guy and a girl just be friends?" We asked both men and women for their opinion on this much-debated topic. Read on to see their views.

Yes, it is possible.
1. "Yes, a guy and girl can stay as just friends. Even if we find a girl attractive in the beginning, the appeal can fade, which means it doesn't go beyond being just friends." - Wayne, 32

2. "Yes, pwede naman. You can control and draw the line naman eh." - Gelo, 29

3. "It is possible. You really see him as a brother you never had." Sarah, 29

No, it isn't possible.
1. "For me, it isn't possible because at one point, one would fall for the other." - Manuel, 28

2. "A man doesn't become friends with a woman he finds unattractive." - Paula, 30

3. "I think if a boy and a girl constantly hang out, at one point, one would develop feelings. And if they're lucky, it would blossom into a relationship." - Marielle, 27

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Yes, but only if...
1. "If they have been friends since they were young like a kababata. It can be possible because they only see each other as brother and sister." - Mikey, 27

2. "When you know what you want and what you're looking for (in a girl), you can remain friends with a girl." - Engell

3. "It's possible if right from the start, there isn't any attraction involved." - Pauline, 31

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