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What Are 'Pick Me Girls'? Everything You Need to Know About This Korean TikTok Trend

What does it mean? How do you know someone is a 'pick me girl'?
What Are Pick Me Girls And Why Are They Trending On TikTok?
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Another day, another valuable lesson from TikTok University. If you’ve been spending hours on the app during random days, you’ve probably come across this trend: "Pick me girls." Korean content creators have the most animated skits and storytimes about them.

Below, a rundown of all the things you need to know about "pick me girls."

What are "pick me girls" and why are they trending?

According to the ultimate source of truth, Urban Dictionary, a "pick me girl" is "a girl who goes out of their way to impress boys and make them seem that they're ‘not like other girls.’ Kind of like a simp but for girls." It’s like a female unaware that she has "internalized misogyny" and seeks validation from males.

These women say or do things to be liked by men. But the opposite usually happens because of their obvious agenda. They’re quite hated by other women, too. Rightfully so, as they usually make comments that offend other females or make themselves look good at the expense of another girl. 


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Korean TikTokers also depict that "pick me girls" create this "fragile" image for themselves. They can go as far as lying about you in order to play the victim or to be favored by guys over stronger, more independent women.


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At one point in your life, you probably met one already. So it’s not really a new or unfamiliar concept. That’s probably why those TikTok videos are so hyped and the hashtag #pickmegirl has 1.2B views already as of this writing. And when you search "Korean pick me girl," there are about 1.9B views under that topic.

What are the ways to tell that someone is a "pick me girl?"

There are many everyday scenarios where they show their true colors. One is when they claim a skill that’s "uncommon" among women. They might be humblebrags who seem shy but make it a point that you know about their super special talent or interest. "Oh, I play video games, but not just any game! I’m hardcore, I go for the one all the boys play." It could also be being “so cool” that you aren’t easily offended. Mmmkay.

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They might also fake-compliment you and then gradually direct the attention to whatever they feel are their assets. Let’s say, you say you’re fat. A "pick me girl" might tell you, "Oh you’re just curvy! That’s sexy! If you look at me, I’m so skinny and my waistline is so small. As in!" And yes, there are Pinay (and foreign) "pick me girls." IYKYK!


how some of them act: oh so pick meEee and choose meeEee #fyp #pickmegirl #tiktokphilippines #conversation

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In some cases, a "pick me girl" would even directly ask a guy to choose between her and another girl. With a very biassed introduction, naturally. For example, she might say, "I’m really into sports and I know all the technical terms and the players. She, on the other hand, only knows the basics—and that’s okay, that’s how other girls are. So who’d you pick if you were ever to date anyone?" Our advice: "Don’t pick the pick me girl!"


How do you deal with a "pick me girl?"

The first and best solution is to ignore that annoying lady. If you can’t, at least be direct and make them realize what they’re doing. Call them out for their BS. And pray to the heavens they get a reality check that urges them to be mature. It’s true that they’re "not like other girls" but it’s not the good kind of unique.


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Fair warning: It could backfire, though, if you’re among a vulnerable crowd. A clueless guy (and other girls) might fall for the "pa-victim" technique. In such cases, it’s best to just walk away. Pick your battles, ladies!

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