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What Girls Think While Last-Minute Shopping

"Next year, I’m shopping earlier." #LIES

Oh no, it’s Christmas in two days and I haven’t bought anything yet!

I am screwed.


Parking is a bitch.

Okay, I haven’t spent ALL my money yet on Christmas parties, so I should be fine…

Just kidding, can someone please point me to the sale section?

Should I even try to enter Forever 21 and H&M? Those lines look crazy long.

Ugh, I hate people.

How are all the small sizes out already? 

My boyfriend better like this gift, OR ELSE...

My arms feel like they’re about to fall off. On second thought, #FreeWorkout

My lola loves mugs, so I should get another one for her collection.

Hey cute top! I should get that for my best fr…Nope, I’m keeping this one.

Wait, how much money do I have left?

I really should have started shopping three months ago.

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