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What Makes You a Cosmo Girl (in 16 Words or Less)


For our 16th anniversary, we asked you to share what makes you a Cosmo girl in 16 words or less. Did you send in your answer? You might find them below!

“A bad day won’t make a Cosmo girl less beautiful. Positivity equals beauty!”
-Mary, 25

“The incessant drive to be the best version of my self.”
-Kim, 22

“I strive to look gorgeous everyday although I now work from home. No to losyang!”
-Angela, 28

“Leading a group in the design of automotive parts perhaps makes me a Cosmo girl!”
-Tin, 32

“I always embody the Cosmo motto. I am fun and fearless no matter what I do!”
-Athena, 22

“I make it a point to get feistier and more confident every single day!"
-Jane, 20

“I'm a career woman, city girl, fashionista, health buff, charitable citizen, loving aunt, sister, and daughter."
-Cherry, 30

“Being game in everything that I do makes me a certified Cosmo girl!”
-Jheanne, 18

“Confidence, style, and a good sincere smile makes me a Cosmo girl.”
-Ricca, 24

“I'm a thousand miles away from the Philippines, but Cosmo makes me feel at home.”
-Charmaine, 20

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