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What Really Goes On In A Single Girl's Mind In A Room Full Of Couples

It's honestly not that bad.

 1. Great. Just great. Another Friday night-out with my cheesy friends. Ugh.

2. Noooo waaay! He’s dating her?! WTF?! I’m definitely more awesome than she is!

3. I wonder if she knows that her boyfriend is checking out the wallflower at the office.

4. Hmmm….I wonder if they still have sex. He seems so old!

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5. Wow! What a cougar. Her boyfriend can pass as her son already.

6. Why don’t I have a freakin’ hot boyfriend?! I deserve one of my own, dammit!

7. Wasn’t she just dating that other guy last month?

8. I should have just stayed home and listened to this playlist.

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