When And How To Say No To People

Saying no doesn't make you a bad person.

While there's nothing wrong with keeping an open mind and having a can-do attitude, it's important that you still know your limits. Trying to please the people around you all the time can take a toll on your well-being. Sometimes, you just have to say no. Here, three common requests that you could actually pass up on. 

Situation #1 : Your friend wants to borrow money from you.

Why You Should Say No: 
Lending your friend money is never a good idea, according to Ruthann Driscoll, director of advanced planning at Northwestern Mutual. "Loaning money is never simple, but when you lend to family or friends, it also has the potential to destroy a treasured relationship, especially when the money isn't repaid," he says. Remember to know your limits. 

How to Say No: 
It’s important that you explain to your friend the reason why you’re not keen on loaning her any money. If you’re strapped for cash, tell her. If you’re not comfortable lending money to friends in general, let her know. You don’t want her to think that you’re just being stingy. 

Situation #2: Your boss asks you to work overtime–for the nth time.

Why You Should Say No: You’re only human–if you push yourself too much, the quality of your work may be compromised. 

How to Say No:
Try to be honest when you’re about to decline your boss’s request. If you feel exhausted or overworked, tell her. Stay rational as to why you can’t keep burning the midnight oil, and give alternatives so that you could still be of help. Just remember to be careful with your words–she’s still the boss.

Situation #3: Your friend invites you to have dinner at an expensive restaurant. 

Why You Should Say No:
Not everyone can dine at an expensive restaurant, especially on a regular basis. There are other restaurants that serve great meals and still fit within your budget—you just have to look for them diligently. Spot.ph has plenty of great recommendations!

How to Say No:
Once again, honesty is the best policy. Tell your friend that you’re on a budget, and then suggest other restaurants that you can afford, but still enjoy. 

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