When Was The Last Time You Had A Throwback Session With Your BFF?

Keep your friendship as strong as your kilay game!

People come and go, but there's nothing quite like having a best friend. How did you and your bestie meet? What was your biggest fight? Your funniest moment? With everything you've experienced together, you've wondered at least once in your life why you guys aren't already married. Face it, you simply can't live without her!

Watch this video of real-life BFFs who are practically made for each other, and make sure you hang out with your bestie soon to do some throwback bonding as well!

While you're at it, grab yourself some B'lue water plus drink. It comes in four fruity flavors: calamansi, lychee, orange, and pear—perfect for any kind of friendship with different personalities!

Learn more about B'lue by watching this video.

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