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Where To Buy Aesthetic Home Decor That *Celebrates* Body Positivity

Body vases and boob pillows? Yes, please!
PHOTO: (left to right) instagram/rottenmermaidstudio, instagram/gooddesign_co

In case you haven’t noticed, there has been a growing trend on home decor that puts the spotlight on the different parts of the female body. What was once generally considered a taboo is now being openly celebrated and flaunted unapologetically—be it in the form of molded soy candles, aesthetic pots, or even coffee mugs and rugs. More than just decor, it’s a statement: Being a woman, in every sense of the word, is something to be proud of. Every part of what makes you who you are is nothing to be embarrassed about—it shouldn’t be subjected to sexualization, it shouldn’t be deemed socially inappropriate, and it shouldn’t be forced to cover up. It is never "asking for it."

Below, we list down a slew of Instagram shops where you can buy home decor that celebrates this naked truth. Own your womanhood, embrace it, and show it off with pride!

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  1. Karma Atelier (@karmaatelier)

    What to buy: Cheeky Vase, Pucker Up Dish, Bombshell Vase

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  2. Radiante Candles Co. (

    What to buy: Cher Torso Candles in Ivory, Sepia, and Ash

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  3. Rotten Mermaid Studio (@rottenmermaidstudio)

    What to buy: Aphrodite Vase, Athena Candles

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  4. Good Design Co (@gooddesign_co)

    What to buy: Booty Ceramic Mugs, Boob Pillows, Nude Top Pot

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  5. Sunday Home (@sundayhome_ph)

    What to buy: Good Feels Rug, Lovi Vase

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  6. The Clean Culture Club (@thecleancultureclub)

    What to buy: In The Nude Candle, Queen Candle

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  7. Plant Porn PH (@plantpronph)

    What to buy: Boob- and butt-themed coffee mugs and makeup holders

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  8. Harper & Harlow (@harperandharlowph)

    What to buy: Cardi Vase

  9. Poppy Home (@poppyhome_)

    What to buy: Boobie Rug

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