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Where To Buy Super Cute Roller Skates If You're Looking For A New Hobby

And they're pretty affordable, too.
Side by side photos of aqua and red roller skates
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) INSTAGRAM/chaseractionsports

For months now, I've been thinking about buying a pair of roller skates. Anyone who knows me in real life would probably laugh at the idea because this is coming from a girl who has no sense of balance or coordination. I don't even know how to ride a bike! But hey, everyone has to start somewhere, right?


The Internet probably heard me thinking out loud because my Instagram explore page gave me the gift of Chaser, a shop that offers bikes, scooters, skateboards, and yes, roller skates! 

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Their Squad Skates come in two colors: red and aqua. And the good news is you can find them on Lazada, where the red skates are priced at P1,999.99 and the aqua version, at P2,905.15. Both sets are available in US sizes 6 and 8

And if you've never tried it before, don't worry: Chaser also sells protective gear like helmets and pads. 

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So if you're looking for a new hobby that'll get you off your feet, grab a pair of skates and have fun!

Visit Chaser's Instagram for more details. 


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