You'll Want To Add These Super Cute Tampipi Baskets To Your Indoor Garden

You'll definitely love these!
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Woven planters are a hit among plant parents for dressing up plain pots. You've likely seen a few on your feed already, and know how they could add a cool tropical vibe to your space.

In our case, we instantly fell in love with these tampipi planters from online store Pananim PH. They partnered with local artisans to turn the traditional woven chest into a plant basket, even pairing them with wooden stands and a complementary plant in a bundle for a chic, no-brainer display. It's a special take on the woven planter trend that we can definitely stand behind.

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Currently, their tampipi baskets come in three sizes: 6x6, 12x12, and 15x15. Depending on the basket size, you can choose among plants like areca palm, fortune plant, money tree, snake plant, and a lot more! Prices range from P280 (six-inch baskets) and P975 (larger baskets) upwards, and you can send the store a DM to reserve yours.

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For more information, visit Pananim PH's Instagram.

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