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Feeling Tote-ful? Send Your Friends These K-Drama-Inspired Bags!

Maybe get one for yourself, too?
K-drama tote bags

We know you've been binge-watching K-dramas until 3 a.m., and your favorite lie is "Isang episode na lang, promise." We also know that your friends do the same (because TBH, kami din). So what better way to strengthen your bond than by having matchy-matchy tote bags? They're not only totes adorbs (*winks*), they're also easy to wash (because you know, #PandemicLife! 

Here are four online shops where you can get the cutest K-drama inspired tote bags for you and your chingus (friends):

1. The Tote Girl PH


Your own Mang Tae from It's Okay To Not Be Okay? Why, yes, please!

Pay tribute to your favorite K-drama barkada with this one:

An image you can hear:

Where to buy K-drama-themed tote bags
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2. artsykit


We're thinking about you day and night, Park Seo Joon oppa.

Where to buy K-drama-themed tote bags

Not accepting any drama except for the Korean kind:

Where to buy K-drama-themed tote bags
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Pair your K-drama sesh with a bottle of soju (or two). Geonbae (cheers)! 

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3. Greensleeves

Is this true? Yesssss!

Alexa, play "Running" by Gaho.

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Where to buy K-drama-themed tote bags

4. 3 Broke Chingus


For when you miss our Bogummy:

~Hyun~ the one for me, Binnie. Also we're forever shipping #BinJin. <3

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Yes, we're still not over Vincenzo:

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