Why It's Better To Be Single On Valentine's Day

More money and less drama.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single on Valentine's Day.

Sure, it's annoying to watch couples celebrate their love in extravagant ways, but that shouldn't make you question your happiness as a perfectly normal single person.

Think about it: Why should Valentine’s Day be different from any other day of the year? If you’re in love, shouldn’t you be in love every day?

The same logic applies to single people. There’s no point in feeling bad about not having a date today, because there are 364 other days in the year to find one—minus the pressure. Also, imagine how much money you can save (or use on yourself).

According to Neil McArthur, a philosopher specializing in ethical issues around sex and love, and Marina Adshade, author of Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love, Valentine’s Day creates an environment where those in relationships can determine how committed their partners actually are. It should be noted that this happens throughout the course of the relationship, but both men and women tend to exert extra effort on V-Day because of the notion that it’s a “special day of love.” So they go all-out and spend a lot of money to validate their love through material things.

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But money is not the only upside to being single; couples who celebrate Valentine’s Day are also faced with a Prisoner’s Dilemma, where the outcome of how they choose to spend V-Day determines how committed they are in the relationship.

According to McArthur and Adshade, there are three possible outcomes: you both buy gifts for each other, one person buys a gift and the other doesn’t (the non-gift receiver will question the other’s commitment), or neither person gives a gift (which could mean you’re completely committed to the point where material things don’t matter, or you just don’t care. Either way, the authors note it is also the least likely outcome to occur).

See, COMPLICATED. Even if they don’t mean to, couples tend to overthink on Valentine’s Day, and who wants that drama, right?

So if you're single, be thankful you don’t have to go through that hassle. Treat today like any other Saturday. Go out with your friends, chug a beer, surf a wave, eat chocolate, and do whatever it is your heart desires. Happy Valentine’s Day, CGs!

Source: time.com

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