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Cosmopolitan Philippines Editors Read Letters To Their Awkward Selves For #DearMe Campaign

To celebrate Women's Month, we wrote a letter to our younger selves. You should, too!

Happy International Women's Month, Cosmo girls!

In celebration of everything fun, fearless, fabulous, and fierce this March, YouTube launched the #DearMe campaign which encourages women to film videos giving advice to their much younger selves.

We at Cosmopolitan Philippines decided to come up with our own #DearMe video, because—just like you—we grew up with a LOT of insecurities about body image, boys, school, sexuality, and well, the list is endless!

So to those watching this, chin up and put your highest heels on. Growing up is tough, but it doesn't always have to be! In the words of Cosmo Philippines' Editorial Director and ~*spirit animal*~ Myrza Sison, "Take heart and take care. You know why? Because there's no take two. Join lang nang join."

We love you, girls!


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