Your Absolute Worst Habit, According To Your Zodiac Sign

I'm not talking nail biting here, mmkay?
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We all have bad habits. And they’re just as predictable as they are no bueno. Because astrology. So in order to prepare (and protect) oneself and others who fall victim to these low vibe pitfalls, here’s a list of each sun sign’s absolute worst habit. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Your fiery nature makes you rush things, like relationships, feelings, even work. This can be frustrating for others when they don’t move as quickly as you do. Or, you know, take their time to cultivate feelings. And when people and situations don’t move at your pace, you get extremely irritated. *cue screams*

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You like to define relationships right away. The problem that comes with putting people into a box ASAP, is that the relationship cannot grow or evolve in a different direction because you’ve already made your decision about their place in your life. Pro tip: try not to be too judgmental too soon.

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We all love gossip. But, the problem you face is that you’re waaaay too thirsty to hear the LD and DL on others—especially your crew. Whether or not you repeat rumors isn’t important, it’s that you thrive on hearing gossip because it’s a form of IRL entertainment.

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Sure, you can use manipulation tactics to get away with your own indiscretions and lies. But when you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, you play on the emotions of others to avoid getting in trouble by gaslighting them into feeling bad about themselves, instead of taking the wrap. Which, you know, not cool.

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Never one to shy away from drama, you can create big arguments amongst your crew out of boredom and then walk away when it reaches red-alert-status to sit by the sidelines watching it all unfold. You may be using your creative skills here, but not for a good cause.

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On a bad day, you can be too picky. This can cause you to spin out because you want things the way you want it and won’t compromise with others. Your long list of the do's and don’ts makes you seem high maintenance, sorry!


Before a relationship is over for good, you put feelers out there to find your next boo. Your objective is to set up the upcoming relationship while your current one is on its last leg. You don’t give yourself time to heal by just jumping right into the next best thing.

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At times you can obsess over the teeniest details, rather than look at the big picture. Try taking a step back. Don’t put 100 percent of your energy into situations, relationships, and projects—give it 90 percent. Give yourself some breathing room.

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You can get a little impatient (you can thank all that fiery and passionate energy). The reason you become impatient is that you have big goals and dreams—but, you don’t have a realistic plan to move forward with and to help you to achieve your goals and visions. Actually stop for a sec and think!

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You live in the office, which can create an imbalance between your personal and professional life. Instead of dedicating 1,000 percent of your free time to work and discussing office dramz, give yourself a break by focusing on other things in life that aren’t office politics.


You like to escape life by indulging in things that bring you pleasure: alcohol, dance, even video games. Your sense of reality can be affected as a result, because you enjoy living in an alternate reality (or alternate state of being). Kind of an issue, ya know?

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You’re super intuitive and, at times, you second guess your gut feelings. This can make you fear the worst in people and situations. Meditate on a matter and go find the truth within yourself. You may be putting false energy into situations, which is why you are feeling confused.

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