Would You Use This Belfie Stick?

For butt selfies, because regular selfies are so yesterday.

Tired of taking selfies? Take your photography skills to the next level by using the belfie stick to snap pics of your derriere!

No joke, this actually exists.

Since the current selfie stick only works to take photos from the front, the creators of the belfie stick developed a contraption that bends at any angle to perfectly frame your butt. It is compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows devices, plus, it's equipped with a Bluetooth button.

The arm is completely adjustable, so you can take multiple belfies—depending on your best butt angle. Because, you know, a person's left butt cheek may be cuter than the right butt cheek.

Snap and post away, CGs! Would you buy this? We think Kim Kardashian would.

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